About Ossia Music School

At Ossia, we offer high quality music lessons at affordable prices.
All our courses are structured and standardised to ensure the highest quality and the best learning experience for our students. Our lessons are carefully designed to cater to each individual’s learning needs.

We are proud to have a team of lively, engaging and dedicated teachers, who are passionate to share the joys of music with you as you embark on your musical journey with Ossia.



Why does Ossia offer free trials?

A good trial music lesson will help you make the right choice for yourself or your child. A good match between teacher and student is essential, and the chemistry between both is of utmost importance for great learning.
Here at Ossia, we believe that a positive teacher-student chemistry is vital to successful music learning. During this trial we will also provide detailed information about your teacher’s musical achievements and experience.

Do you offer group lessons?

While we believe individual lessons are vital to ensure consistent learning and progress,  group lessons do allow for exposure, as well as allowing the student to meet new friends while having fun making music together.
We do offer group lessons at Ossia. Please approach our front desk team to find out more.

Are there performing opportunities for my child at Ossia Music School?

Yes, we have recital spaces at a few of our branches where we host performing opportunities for our students.

Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?

It would be most ideal for the student to have a piano at home. Not only does this ensure you have access to a home instrument, you will also have more opportunities to practise regularly, as regular practice on the instrument is extremely important for good musical progress.
Apart from having retail pianos available for sale at our Piano Showroom, Ossia Music School provides rental packages for their students, for those who prefer the flexibility and cost-effective option.

Are the teachers experienced?

Yes, absolutely. Our teachers have years of teaching experience, as well as undergone their musical training prior to teaching, so rest assured you will be studying with a faculty who is passionate about music education.