Music Classes for Kids
01 Jan 2021

Benefits of Music Education for Kids

When parents think about sending their child for enrichment classes outside of school, one that they usually immediately consider would be music classes. Why, you may ask? Well, learning music has many benefits. Some of them include a heightened ability to focus better in everyday life, as well as boost self-confidence and social skills. More importantly, learning music also causes our brains to better develop – this is why children who pick up a musical instrument usually do better academically, be it on standardised tests or achieving better grades in school. Since children absorb information twice as quickly compared to adults, their brains are likened to a sponge; hence, music classes also act as a catalyst for them to better adapt to learning while growing up.

However, it would be extremely important to include elements of fun and creativity within music classes for kids! This is because children require stimulating and interactive activities to be able to learn better. According to past studies and research, play is exactly how children learn. That being the case, we at Ossia are committed to creating engaging lessons in our music classes for kids that ensure your child maximises his or her learning experience here!

At Ossia, we offer Music Introductory Course for children between the ages of 3 – 4 years old, as well as beginner lessons in various instruments such as Piano, Violin, Guitar, Drums and even Vocal lessons. For the former, we introduce percussion instruments through song and games that develop your child’s musicianship, rhythm, memory and focus – these qualities will later on give them a head-start in the various music lessons that we offer after completing the course. As for the instrumental music lessons for kids or young beginners, we make sure to build a strong foundation in learning the basics before moving on. Of course, our students are also able to learn how to play their favourite songs with our group of engaging teachers. Doing so gives them the motivation they need, and helps them realise that music is more than just another subject – that music is actually fun and applicable in our daily lives!

Now, you might ask, when would be a good time to introduce my child to music?

Well, we believe that there is no hard-and-fast rule or timeline to follow. Of course, an early beginner would benefit more as he or she begins to adapt to the different learning styles in music; however, you should do so when you feel your child is ready to begin exploring various enrichment activities. One way to approach this would be during school holidays! Suggest music lessons for any instrument of choice that your child has interest in and let them try it out. Ossia Music School offers great one-time trial lessons that are free-of-charge for each instrument, so just head on down to any branch or give us a call to book your trial. School holidays are great for starting music classes for kids because they actually learn to be productive while staying focused and engaged outside of school.

Ray L. Wilbur once said, “The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.” We believe strongly that every child has the potential to do well – although they may learn at different speeds or through different styles, we do our best to create that holistic environment and education for them through our unique music classes.

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