10 Love Songs to Fall in Love With

10 Love Songs to Fall in Love With


Music never fails as a wonderful expression of one’s love and affection. As Valentine’s Day approaches, let us take a ride through some love songs to fall in love with time and again!

For starters, when we think about romance, it’s hard to leave out a beautiful wedding scene of a bride and groom walking down the aisle. Over the years, two wedding marches have become traditional picks for weddings all around the world. Both were chosen to be played at the royal wedding of Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter in 1858, after which their popularity spread in the Western world and beyond.

Mendelssohn - Wedding March

This grand masterpiece was initially composed by Mendelssohn in 1842 as part of an orchestral suite for a production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream. After gaining popularity, it was adapted for the pipe organ and usually played when the bride and groom leave the church.

Wagner - Here Comes the Bride

Another universally recognised wedding march is this classic piece by Wagner, originally a bridal chorus from his 1850 opera Lohengrin. It has since become a common march-in music for brides at weddings today.

Schumann - Widmung

Apart from the famous wedding marches, the Romantic period has seen the creation of many passionate works of music. A heartfelt piece full of love and admiration, Widmung was a song written by Schumann as a wedding gift for his wife Clara. Many are perhaps more familiar with Liszt’s virtuosic piano arrangement of the piece. However, even without the lyrics, Schumann’s deep passion is captured in every line of the melody.

Stevie Wonder - Isn’t She Lovely

You might assume that a pop song with a title like that would sing about a female romantic interest. However, upon hearing the lyrics in this song, you will realise that it actually describes a baby girl. In fact, Stevie Wonder wrote this song in celebration of the birth of her daughter Aisha. The pure happiness of a father portrayed in this upbeat title just makes you want to listen to it over and over again!

Elvis Presley - Can’t Help Falling in Love

This one just never gets old! Sometimes, the oldies are really the goodies when it comes to love songs. From the instrumental lead in up to the deep, flowy lyrical lines, this song just makes you want to glide across a dance floor. This song was actually adapted from the classical French love song Plaisir d’amour. A soothing, modern cover of the song also appeared in the iconic church wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians

Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are

Before Bruno Mars, there was Billy Joel singing about how they will love you just the way you are. Joel wrote this piece for his first wife, Elizabeth Weber, with moving lyrics that sing of unconditional acceptance. It is truly a great song for expressing your love to the important people in your life.

Elton John - Your Song

This one cannot be missing from the list simply for its title and the lyrics in the chorus. The widely acclaimed ballad wonderfully describes the desire to put down one’s admiration into music and words.

Bob Dylan - Make You Feel My Love

This Bob Dylan masterpiece has been covered by many well-known artists since its first release in 1997. If you have not heard the original, you most probably would have heard the more recent rendition by Adele. The best way to describe this song is a cosy blanket on a cold, rainy day. The soothing melody and comforting lyrics are sure to make anyone feel loved.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

You can always trust Ed Sheeran to deliver, and this sweet modern love song is no exception. With lyrics that promise unchanging love that lasts a lifetime, it makes for a fitting song to play at weddings.

John Legend - All of Me

Nothing beats this romantic ballad that Legend has dedicated to his wife Chrissy Teigen. Accompanied by a simple piano line, this song hits you straight to the heart with Legend’s soulful voice and beautiful lyrics.

Love is one of the most often-portrayed emotions in music, and the list of heart-fluttering love songs is just endless! Nonetheless, we hope you enjoyed this short compilation and have a lovely Valentine’s Day spent with your loved ones!