Perks of Having an Instrument at Home

Perks of Having an Instrument at Home


There are many perks to playing musical instruments, and creating music not only serves as a great source of entertainment, it is also a healthy way to let off some steam at the end of a hectic day. Having an instrument at home definitely comes with many benefits besides those, and here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting one for yourself!

Strengthening bonds with your loved ones

With the pandemic keeping most of us at home, some of us may be at a loss as to what home-based activities we can meaningfully spend our time on. For parents, keeping your children busy and engaged at home may prove to be a challenge, especially if your child is a very active one. Well, why not incorporate music learning into your child’s playtime by having an instrument at home?

Music learning has been proven to have many positive effects on a child's development, and in addition to that, it could lift the moods of everyone at home and stimulate your child’s creative juices! Music is a great outlet for expressing oneself and a useful tool to encourage young children to display their emotions without restraint or fear of judgement. Share your own favourite tunes with your child, or indulge them by playing some of theirs, and these little musical moments may just become something they will cherish in years to come.

You don’t necessarily have to go to great lengths to invest in an expensive instrument. The piano is an easy instrument to start with for young beginners and having a digital piano or keyboard would be good enough for an educational music bonding session with your child. There are many easy-to-follow tutorials online that will teach you how to recognise the keys and play simple tunes. Just learning these basics would be sufficient in helping you engage your child for hours!

Or if you don’t know where to begin with online tutorials, and would like to build a proper musical foundation for your child, enrolling your child for one-to-one music lessons with the guidance of an experienced professional would be beneficial in establishing strong playing techniques and a deeper understanding of musical concepts.

More practice time

If you’re already taking lessons or serious about improving your technique, with an instrument readily accessible at home, it will be easier to incorporate more practice time in your day-to-day life! Learning to play an instrument, and to play it well requires a lot of dedication and commitment. After all, being skillful at an instrument has a lot to do with muscle memory, and it’s important to always be in touch with your instrument.

Many underestimate the importance of consistent practice, but the saying “practice makes perfect” never fails to ring true. Attending 30-45 minute lessons weekly and only playing during that time is insufficient if you wish to improve your skills effectively and consistently. It is recommended that you revise whatever that you have gone through during your lesson on your own at home so that you are ready for a new set of learning goals in the following lesson. This is so that you can avoid utilising precious lesson time to re-correct your old mistakes and instead, learn new techniques and musical ideas.

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