26 Dec 2016

The importance of music

Why do we love music?

Music can easily play an important role in everyone’s lives. Sometimes we subconsciously rely on music to set a mood during events or mundane tasks like cleaning, doing laundry, studying or being stuck in long commutes.

Research has shown that when we listen to music that we like, our brain releases Dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in our body that is released by neurons that, simply, make you feel happy! It activates the areas of the brain that are connected to ‘euphoric reward responses’ – the same feeling we get when we eat our favourite food or when we fall in love.

Research has also shown that learning to play a musical instrument can increase IQ by seven points – in other words, make one smarter! Learning to play an instrument not only boosts development but also teaches one to be more self-disciplined and attentive.

It is no surprise then, that many famous, successful people, from movie directors to politicians to scientists were musicians as well. While music makes a child smarter, it is never too late for adults to start music lessons as well – the same research has demonstrated that adults can experience an increase in IQ as well!

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