Best National Day Songs
01 Aug 2021

Best National Day Songs of All Time!

National Day will always be an exciting holiday for many. Vividly remembering the buzzing atmosphere at home or, if you got a chance, at the stadium while waiting for the National Day Parade (NDP) to begin. Once the music comes on, everyone would watch with excitement as the fanfare, the march past by the unformed brigades and (try very hard to) sing along to that year’s NDP theme song. Those days were one of the most memorable ones while growing up.

Singapore’s National Day is celebrated every year on August 9, in commemoration of Singapore’s independence in 1965. Every year, people look forward to taking their first listen to that year’s NDP theme song. Here are our top 4 most popular classic NDP anthems!

4 Classic Anthems We All Love

Count On Me, Singapore (1986)

It is true when they say you never know how much you loved the song, until you are about to lose it in a fight for “Which Country Sung This Song First”. We can safely say that Singaporeans love this classic tune so much that they fought valiantly for it on and off the internet.

We are Singapore (1986)

Need we say more? This song brings out so much pride in Singaporeans. “There was a time when people said/That Singapore won’t make it, but we did” This song should be a reprise in a musical!

One People, One Nation, One Singapore (1990)

What a tune, but, honestly – everyone only knows the words to these sentences: “One people, one nation, one Singapore/That’s the way that we will be forevermore”

Home (1998)

This song is a true classic, the crème de la crème. You simply feel pride gushing through you and goosebumps every time you hit that high note in the chorus! Everyone also pretty much sings this song, at least three times every year – that is how much we love this national treasure.

Of course, classics will remain classics and they all take a special place and memory within everyone’s hearts and minds! However, in recent years, our local songwriters, musicians and artists have been churning out some of the greatest sounding theme songs and covers, and we cannot stop singing to them! Here are four of our favourites!


Our 4 Favourites

Where I Belong (2001)

Tanya Chua brings home the nostalgia, every time. A very close second on our favourite’s list!

Tomorrow’s Here Today (2016)

If you remember from not so long ago, we had live music sprawled out all over the island. In which at some point, you would have gone to watch the amazing 53A! This song gets everyone going “ohhhhhh, OH OH!”

Singapore Town (2020 edition)

This song is a personal favourite of mine. Originally released in 1967, but it got a sweet bossa nova dress up from the magical hands and voice of singer songwriter Charlie Lim.

The Road Ahead (2021)

Fun fact! The additional guitars in this year’s NDP theme song were provided by Sano Shimano, Aureus Group’s very own Audio Production Executive! Sano does Music Composition and Production for our Applications Development and E-Learning Department, he creates and designs musical elements as a part of students’ positive experience in musical learning. Sano’s job allows every student to have “[opportunities] to be exposed to not only familiar forms of music, but a variety of genres and styles that assist them in their unique learning process.”

Being an experienced performing musician himself and like everyone who has trudged through the uncertainties of this pandemic, Sano says this song holds “a soothing reminder that adversity is a constant in life, but we will always have the capacity to weather it.” Wise words to heed by and an amazing achievement for Sano! Take a listen to this year’s NDP theme song – The Road Ahead!

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