Piano Lessons
01 Mar 2021

Find Out How Other Parents Are Giving Their Kids An Early Edge!

While children are going through their developmental years, parents often begin to wonder when they should start enrichment classes or preparatory schools to aid their children’s growth. You may be wondering, why is it so important to learn new skills? Believe it or not, we actually learn something new every single day, even as adults! As children are growing up, their ability to absorb information and adapt to their environment is heightened and peaking. In this state, where their opinions of the world have not yet been formed, they are well able to learn everything to the best of their unbiased potential. It is also through learning a new skill that they are able to discover what they like or are drawn to, which could even determine their career choices in the future! 

In learning a new skill, children are never too young to start. Did you know that even for a toddler, he or she learns through everyday interactions with their family and people whom they have built connections with? Due to their developing mirror neurons, their brains are processing repeated habits or actions and conditioning them to do the same. Thus, learning a new skill can conveniently help to develop good habits in children! This is one of the reasons why we at Ossia are always excited to work with children. Learning music from a young age has been found to be very advantageous, and Ossia sets itself apart by providing affordable piano lessons to start off with. As soon as children are able to understand simple instructions and show signs of being able to sit in for lessons around the age of 3+ years, they are ready to begin to learn music. While learning a new instrument, children also simultaneously lengthen their attention span and build the ability to focus better in the long run.  

Now you might be thinking, which instrument should I pick for my child? There are actually no wrong answers for this, but one of the simplest instruments to start with would be the piano. At Ossia, we offer affordable piano lessons individually catered to students of all levels and ages. In these lessons, students are able to learn about music in a fun and interactive manner with our highly qualified and approachable teachers! If your child is between 3.5 – 5 years old and is interested in beginning their musical journey, you could consider signing up for our Music Introductory Course, where students learn about basic concepts in music through a hands-on approach before moving on to the actual instrument. 

There are so many other music schools around Singapore, so what sets Ossia far apart from other music schools? Well, we are able to provide affordable music lessons that actually capture the art of music itself without compromising on the quality offered to students! Within Ossia, you will find a team full of passionate teachers like myself who prioritise students’ learning and love for the art, as well as their achievements. So what are you waiting for? Head on down to any of our 6 centres islandwide for a free trial now, and experience it for your child, or even yourself!

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