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Interested in music but not sure where to begin? You have come to the right place!

A trial lesson is a great opportunity to explore a new teacher, new instrument, and a new environment. At Ossia Music School, we offer new students and families a FREE trial lesson (30 minutes).

In your free trial lesson at Ossia, you will get to meet your teacher for the first time. For beginners, the teacher will conduct a comprehensive introduction to the instrument. This will enable students and their parents to have a better understanding on the instrument and to decide if it is the right choice.
For students with previous experience in playing an instrument, the trial lesson gives the teacher a chance to assess the student, who can then discuss future plans for the lessons, the student’s expectations and learning goals.

A good trial music lesson will help you make the right choice for yourself or your child. A good match between teacher and student is essential, and the chemistry between both is of utmost importance for great learning.
Here at Ossia, we believe that a positive teacher-student chemistry is vital to successful music learning. During this trial we will also provide detailed information about your teacher’s musical achievements and experience.

If you are happy with the trial lesson, you can sign up for regular lessons with us, and our front desk operations team will be delighted to assist you!

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