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10 Jul 2021

Hey Ossia: At what age can I send my child to a music school?

There is no denying the facts and proven research behind the truths and immense benefits of music lessons for children. You know it, and you probably might have been on Google to find the best music school for children and when is the best time to send your children to attend lessons. In today’s blog post, we’re answering one of many parents’ biggest question marks – When would be the best age to enrol your child in a music school for children?

Ages 3-4 years old
This age group is perfect for Ossia Music School’s Music Introductory Course!
Preschoolers will know their name and age as well as the names of some shapes and colours. Children at this stage often recognize melodies of songs before they understand the words. Most music classes for children that are structured to introduce basic musical concepts through fun-filled activities and games will engage them thoroughly.

Ossia’s Music Introductory Course is a roadmap to an enriching musical learning journey for children ages 3-4 years old. The objective of the programme is to strengthen young children’s musical foundation for learning an instrument. This creative learning platform aims to yield specific music learning outcomes that focus on cultivating hand-eye coordination, concentration, and the ability to match pitch by exploring different areas of music during each session through three phases of learning:

Recognition: To be able to recognise instruments, notes, sounds
Comprehension: To ensure memory, understanding, and retention of musical concepts
Application: To assure mastery of musical concepts through applying what they’ve learned to playing instruments or singing!

Ages 4-7 years old
For this age range, the most recommended music lessons for children would be Ossia Music School’s Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Ukulele or Vocal classes!
Children at this age show increased attention spans, improvements in their memory and fine motor skills, and they are also beginning to receive and listen clearly to instructions. Children at this age show higher levels of interest at completing tasks given to them by teachers and parents.

Over at Ossia Music School, highly experienced, passionate and dedicated teachers pave the way for the future generations of musicians. Equipped with the most creative and fun ways to engage children during their music lessons, teachers are able to introduce them to essential musical techniques to playing the piano and keyboard – from good postures to warm up exercises and learning the musical scales. At this age, the learning goals of piano lessons and keyboard lessons for children will be to attempt short pieces and songs that are familiar to them.

Ukulele lessons are a great stepping stone for younger students who would like to pick up playing the guitar, but may not have the physical capacity to do so. The ukulele is a perfect choice of instrument in terms of music lessons for children! Nylon strings make it easy on the fingers for children to play and the size of the ukulele makes it easy for the child to hold, strum and have fun. Children will benefit from hand-eye coordination and will enjoy playing their favourite song!

Ages 6 years old and above
We would highly recommend children of this age range to start picking up the Piano, Guitar and Drums for beginner students. Children from ages 6 and older can follow more complex directions and use languages to express themselves. Their gross and fine motor skills as well as physical skills are well developed and with practice, it will continue to improve.

Piano lessons at 6 and above move forward into more complex pieces, further allowing the student to learn techniques and theories of music. Practice comes easier for children at this age as they are better able to focus and concentrate during the music lesson. However that being said, piano lessons for children in Ossia for this age still remain fun and engaging, and our teachers will include lots of exciting activities within the lessons!

Learning to play the guitar is easier for children at this age as they focus and understand instructions from their teacher easily. The guitar lessons at Ossia Music School are led by knowledgeable teachers who will bring focus to proper warm up techniques to stretch and strengthen the hands and fingers. This allows students to perform strumming, fingerpicking techniques and to appreciate the theory of music, while enjoying lessons that are interesting and engaging.

Learning to play the drums might just be the perfect way to refine and develop motor skills for your growing child! Playing drums can be a full-body workout. It requires some arm, core and lower-body strength to begin with, and encourages limb independency. Drumming can actually help kids who have motor skill issues learn to control their movements.

Ossia Music School offers rental and free delivery of keyboard and digital drum sets for students to ensure that the music lessons for children will be a holistic experience, complete with an instrument to practice with at home.

From 5-31 July 2021, enjoy 2 months complimentary keyboard or digital drum set rental when you enrol with Ossia Music School, Singapore’s largest and best valued music school for students of all ages! Call +65 3158 3236 and request to speak with our friendly programme specialists about attending a FREE TRIAL at Ossia Music School today!

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