Music Introductory Lessons

Start your young one's musical journey early!


Music Introductory Lessons

It is never too early to introduce music to young children. It has been shown that music helps to facilitate a child’s holistic development and critical thinking. Music exposure also helps to cultivate a refined and appreciative palette for the arts. A little music can go a long way in the journey of growing up!

The curriculum emphasizes heavily on music appreciation, immersion and enjoyment, setting the stage for formal music classes further down the road.

IMMERSE children in all kinds of music genres

DEVELOP essential aural and kinaesthetic skills to pave the way for further music study

ENCOURAGE participation in performance setting

CULTIVATE a sense of rhythm, an understanding of musical patterns, and above all, a LOVE for music


  • Learn rudimentary music theory, sing in solfege, count music beats
  • Be exposed to a wide range of musical genres and instruments
  • Reinforcement with tabletop activities
  • Anticipate in collective performances
  • ABRSM graded examinations available

Summer Holiday Programme