Theory Lessons

Learn the theory behind your practical pieces!


Theory Lessons

Our syllabus is designed to teach students about the basics of music, including the building blocks of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form. This is in preparation for the ABRSM Theory exam that students need to pass in order to take the higher level practical examinations.

Introduction to Music Theory

  • Basic notation and reading sheet music
  • Understanding intervals and scales
  • Understanding rhythm and meter

Harmony and Chords

  • Understanding triads and chords
  • Basic chord progressions
  • Understanding inversions and chord extensions

Melodic Principles

  • Understanding melody and harmony together
  • Intervals and chord progressions in melodies
  • Melodic construction and development

Form and Analysis

  • Understanding musical form
  • Musical analysis using basic forms (AB, ABA)
  • Understanding phrase structure

Advanced Harmony and Chords

  • Understanding seventh chords
  • Basic chord substitutions
  • Modulations and key changes

Advanced Melodic Principles

  • Advanced melodic construction and development
  • Understanding chromaticism
  • Use of scale modes and exotic scales

Counterpoint and Voice Leading

  • Basic counterpoint principles
  • Understanding voice leading and chord voicings
  • Counterpoint exercises and analysis

Review and Application

  • Review of all topics covered in the syllabus
  • Application of music theory principles to popular songs
  • Individual project and presentation on a specific music theory topic

Overall, this syllabus provides a comprehensive overview of music theory, starting from the basics and gradually building up to more advanced concepts. By the end of the course, students should have a solid understanding of music theory principles and be able to apply them to their own music making.


  • 30 min lessons
  • In preparation for the ABRSM Theory papers

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