Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele is very beginner friendly, and you can expect to learn to strum through a song in as little as 4 lessons!


Ukulele Lessons

A ukulele lesson syllabus can vary depending on the level of the student, the goals they wish to achieve, and the length of the course. However, a typical syllabus would include the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the Ukulele: This lesson would cover the basics of the instrument, including how to hold it, tune it, and the different parts of the ukulele.
  2. Basic Chords: The student would learn the most common chords used in ukulele playing, such as C, G, F, and Am. They would also learn how to switch between chords smoothly.
  3. Strumming Techniques: This lesson would teach the student various strumming patterns, including up and down strums, fingerpicking, and syncopated strums.
  4. Simple Songs: The student would learn how to play simple songs using the chords and strumming techniques they have learned so far. This could include songs like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Happy Birthday," or "You Are My Sunshine."
  5. Bar Chords: The student would learn how to play bar chords, which are used in more complex songs. This lesson would cover techniques for playing these chords cleanly and accurately.
  6. Fingerpicking: The student would learn more advanced fingerpicking techniques, such as arpeggios and fingerstyle patterns. They would also learn how to read tablature, which is used to notate fingerpicking patterns.
  7. Songwriting: This lesson would cover the basics of songwriting, including chord progressions, melody writing, and lyric writing. The student would have the opportunity to write their own song using the skills they have learned in the course.
  8. Performance: The final lesson would focus on preparing the student for a performance. They would learn how to play with other musicians, how to handle nerves, and how to connect with the audience.

Throughout the course, the student would also learn basic music theory, including how to read sheet music, how to understand rhythm and timing, and how to improvise. The syllabus would be designed to give the student a well-rounded understanding of the ukulele and to prepare them for more advanced playing in the future.


  • 30 minutes individual lessons to cater to your learning style
  • Easily portable instrument, making it convenient to carry around wherever you go!
  • Strum and sing along to your favorite pop songs!

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