Vocal Lessons

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Vocal Lessons

Our vocal lesson syllabus serves as a roadmap for the instructor and the student, guiding them through the learning process and ensuring that the student acquires the necessary skills and knowledge to become a proficient singer. A typical vocal lesson syllabus would include the following components:

  1. Vocal Technique: This component focuses on the development of proper singing technique, including posture, breathing, phonation, resonance, and articulation. The instructor would demonstrate the correct technique and guide the student in practicing the exercises to improve their vocal performance.
  2. Repertoire Selection: This component involves the selection of appropriate songs or pieces that are suitable for the student's skill level and vocal range. The instructor would help the student choose songs that showcase their strengths and challenge their weaknesses, providing guidance on interpretation and performance.
  3. Music Theory: This component covers the fundamentals of music theory, including notation, rhythm, harmony, and ear training. The instructor would teach the student to read and interpret sheet music, develop their sense of timing and rhythm, and recognize chords and intervals.
  4. Performance Skills: This component focuses on developing the skills necessary for live performance, including stage presence, microphone technique, and communication with the audience. The instructor would provide feedback on the student's performance and offer guidance on how to improve their presentation skills.
  5. Vocal Health: This component emphasizes the importance of maintaining good vocal health, including proper hydration, rest, and warm-up exercises. The instructor would also teach the student about vocal hygiene and how to prevent and manage common vocal problems, such as hoarseness and vocal fatigue.

Overall, a vocal lesson syllabus is designed to provide a comprehensive and structured approach to vocal training, enabling the student to develop their skills and achieve their goals as a singer. With the guidance of a skilled instructor and the commitment to consistent practice, the student can make significant progress in their vocal abilities and become a confident and expressive performer.


  • Three different levels offered - Basic, Intermediate, Advance
  • Students can prepare for exams by ABRSM or Trinity
  • Individual lessons provide the most personalized feedback

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