Music Learning For Kids
01 May 2021

Music Learning For Kids: Motivate Your Child In Learning Music

We’ve seen this before: You send your child to a music school for kids and they come home all excited and starry-eyed after their first lesson, yet their interest wanes after a few months of learning a music instrument. While music class for kids can be thrilling, they are easily distracted after a few minutes on the piano or violin. As parents, we are eager to nurture our child’s potential to the fullest, but how can we motivate our little ones in learning music?

Be Present During Practice

A common concern amongst parents is that they do not understand the in-and-outs of music, therefore they are not able to help their child in any way. However, simply being there for your young one can incline them towards practising the instrument. Try to prompt them with questions like “How did you play this part in class?” or be the student and have them teach you what they learnt during the music class. Not only will this keep them focused, it will give them a confidence boost as well!

Celebrate Their Achievements

Be your child’s biggest music fan! Positive reinforcement is a strong motivator for positive habits like practising an instrument. Try to allocate time to listen when they are playing, or initiate the practice by mentioning that you enjoyed a recent piece, and if he or she could perform it again. With repeated encouragement, your child will associate practice as a positive habit to be nurtured. 

Host A Mini-Concert For Them

Besides having continuous practices, creating milestones and goals for your child can motivate them further. This can be in the form of monthly recitals at home for family members which allows your young one to have a goal they can work towards. Plus, it helps familiarise your child with playing in front of an audience, and they are less likely to feel jittery when on an actual stage. Is your child attending a music school for kids? You can speak to the teacher to find out what kind of pieces are suitable and work towards creating a mini-concert for your child.

Joining An Environment That Encourages Musicality

Besides being an encouraging parent to motivate their practice, having a positive environment that fosters their musicality is important too. By having your child attend lessons in music school for kids like Ossia Music School, they would be steadily introduced to new music curriculums & activities that are educational and fun!

Whether your child is taking up piano, guitar, violin, or even drum lessons, having supportive parents and teachers are key to fostering an encouraging atmosphere for them to stay motivated. Speaking of which, Ossia Music School currently offers free trial lessons for a range of instruments for your little one to try out. Book your child for a 1-on-1 session with a suitable music teacher and start their music journey with us today!

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