Why Kurzweil M90 Digital
01 Sep 2021

Win a Kurzweil M90 Digital Piano!

Looking for a great piano to practice on at home but not ready to invest in an acoustic upright? A digital piano might just be the perfect alternative for you! Through #OssiaPracticeTime you might even stand to WIN one. Read on to find out how!

Why a Digital Piano?
You may be thinking, if I’m still in the beginning stages of playing the piano, I can just get a keyboard right? Well, not quite so! In many ways, a digital piano is the closest thing you can get to an acoustic piano, and a keyboard may be lacking in many aspects in terms of being an ideal instrument for practising.

Number of Keys
Unlike keyboards, digital pianos are equipped with the full 88 keys like an acoustic piano. Having the full set of keys is crucial in helping players get acquainted with the full range of piano notes and sounds. Keyboards are usually preferred for their portability, and can in fact be rather restrictive on playing. Even if you are a beginner at the piano, you will soon find yourself outplaying the limited range of a keyboard.

Volume Control
Especially in Singapore where many families live in apartment flats, a digital piano is great in that practices can be done at the perfect volume adjusted to your needs and surroundings!

Considering the possible space constraints in many Singaporean homes, the digital piano, while acting like an acoustic upright, is slightly less bulky and easier to move around due to its lighter weight.

Introducing the Kurzweil M90
While it is always best to get an acoustic piano for the most authentic and best playing experience, many digital pianos these days are made to imitate the functions and touch of an acoustic well enough for beginners who are still feeling out the instrument.

If you are looking for a sustainable digital piano that will get you through from the beginning to the slightly more advanced stages of playing, the Kurzweil M90 offers many features that would make for a great instrument for both practice and performance!

Hammer-action Keyboard
Part of the key features of an acoustic piano include its hammer-action mechanics, which creates differences in volume depending on the speed and intensity in which the keys are pressed. This feature is often imitated on a digital piano through weighted keys, as opposed to lightweight keys that spring up immediately on most keyboards. That said, not all digital pianos are fully weighted like the Kurzweil M90 to provide the complete acoustic piano touch.

Having the touch of a hammer-action keyboard is important for learners as they get to explore various dynamic interpretations, which is a valuable skill to master in order to become an accomplished pianist. It is beneficial for the player to be exposed to this feature of an acoustic piano even while working their way through a digital one so that they know what to expect when they make the switch in future.

Built-in Pedals
Anybody who has seen a piano would identify the 3 foot pedals to be one of the distinctive features of the instrument. The pedals commonly found on an acoustic upright are the volume pedal, soft pedal, and sustain pedal.

Although some digital pianos offer these as an external accessory you have to plug in to use, there are digital pianos that have these pedals built-in as well. Needless to say, having built-in pedals would allow the digital piano to provide a playing experience that matches more closely to that of an acoustic one.

Wide Range of Factory Presets
One of the benefits of a digital piano as opposed to an acoustic one is the collection of instrumental sounds you get to pick from while playing! The Kurzweil M90 offers 16 inspiring factory presets and performance modes, including split and layer combinations. This means that you can play an entire double-instrument duet all by yourself!

Recording Function
Did you know that one sure way to improve your playing is to record yourself? Not only does the knowledge of being recorded allow one to overcome their stage fright and perform well under pressure, there are often many subtle details in playing that go unnoticed while one is too focused on performing. Recording your own playing allows you to look back with a clearer perspective and analyse in detail the areas to improve on.

There is no more convenient way to do that than through the instrument itself, and the Kurzweil M90 offers an easy-to-operate 2-track MIDI recording system.

Audio Compatibility
The Kurzweil M90 offers a host of audio inputs and outputs, from MIDI, USB to Aux In/Out headphones, so you can have your music everywhere.

Modern Cabinet Design
Besides being a great instrument to play on, the piano often acts as a piece of decorative furniture in homes due to its conspicuous size! As such, it would not hurt to have one that will bring up the aesthetic of your living space.

The Kurzweil M90 was designed with the modern home setting in mind, sporting a spinet-style cabinet complete with a simulated rosewood or white finish. It is also equipped with a built-in music stand and slide-out fallboard for the convenience and safety of young learners especially. More than just appearance, it also provides top-notch sound quality with a 300-watt, 2-speaker stereo sound system.

How You Can Win a Kurzweil M90 – #OPT
Do all of these features sound amazing to you? Good news, we are actually giving away a brand new Kurzweil M90 digital piano through the Ossia Practice Time event that is currently happening on our Instagram! If you have been practising hard on the piano, why not share your progress with us and stand a chance to win the Kurzweil M90 digital piano for yourself?

Find out how you can participate in Ossia Practice Time here, or reach out to our friendly programme facilitators by dropping us an Instagram message or by calling +65 3158 3236 (10am-8pm) for more details.

A winner for the Kurzweil M90 digital piano will be announced on 1 October 2021. Don’t miss out on your chance of becoming the one to take home a brand new digital piano for your future practice sessions!

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